NEW Bradley Premium Hunter’s Blend Bisquettes 24-pack




Bradley Premium Bisquettes are a new line of Chef inspired, flavourful wood bisquettes from Bradley Smoker®.

Hunter’s Blend Bisquettes will give your food the flavour it deserves. We infused rosemary, thyme, and black pepper with our flavourful maple wood bisquettes to bring a warm and woodsy aroma and flavour to your food.

These bisquettes pair well with game meat, poultry, fish, lamb, beef, and vegetables.

Premium Hunter’s Blend 24-pack

With these 6 new Chef inspired varieties launching this summer Bradley Smoker® has revolutionized the food smoking game.

  • Beer
  • Caribbean Blend
  • Chili Cumin
  • Ginger Sesame
  • Hunter’s Blend
  • Sage


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