NEW Bradley Premium Ginger Sesame Bisquettes 24-pack



Bradley Premium Bisquettes are a new line of Chef inspired, flavourful wood bisquettes from Bradley Smoker®.


Ginger Sesame Bisquettes will add bold flavour to your next smoked meal. We paired our strong mesquite bisquettes with the rich flavours of sesame and ginger, to create an amazing smoked flavour like no other.


These bisquettes pair well with beef, vegetables, duck, and lamb.


Premium Ginger Sesame 24-pack

With these 6 new Chef inspired varieties launching this summer Bradley Smoker® has revolutionized the food smoking game.

  • Beer
  • Caribbean Blend
  • Chili Cumin
  • Ginger Sesame
  • Hunter’s Blend
  • Sage

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