Smoked Back Bacon




  • 1 whole Pork Loin Roast
  • Bradley Maple or Sugar Cure (amount dependant on the weight of the loin roast)



  1. Trim the Pork Loin Roast by removing most of the fat on the outside.
  2. Once trimmed, weight the pork loin. Then measure out the required Maple/Sugar Cure.  3 Tbsp are needed for every 5 pounds of meat.
  3. Rub the measured cure all over the pork loin. Make sure to rub it in all sides of the meat.
  4. Place pork loin in a large freezer bag or food safe vacuum seal bag.
  5. Leave pork loin in the fridge for 7-10 days. Flipping it twice a day.
  6. After curing in the fridge, rinse the pork loin thoroughly under cold water.
  7. Place the meat on a plate and put back in the fridge for 8 hours. This dries the outside of the meat enhancing the smoking process.
  8. Set the Bradley Smoker to 250°F using Maple Bisquettes.
  9. Place the pork loin on a smoker rack and smoke the pork loin until it reaches an internal temperature of 155°F.
  10. Remove the back bacon from the smoker and let it rest for one hour.
  11. Slice the back bacon and fry in a frying pan. Serve on a sandwich with eggs or just on its own.
  12. Enjoy.


Recipe Compliments of Steve Cylka and Bradley Smoker Australia